Gallery 2010

Cheltenham BC Retain the Midgols Indoor KO Trophy

Captain Mike Longley receives the trophy from Mid Glos President Maurice Webster

Snooker Finalists Barry Saunders (left) & Nick Charlwood (right) with referee John Beames

Nick (the break builder) Charlwood receives the winners trophy from the Club President

Cheltenham Captain Mike Longley presents the Festival trophy to Derek Fry the Whaddon President

The Mighty Mo searches for the ‘booby prize’ at the Barnwood Gala Day. What is he whispering in her ear?

Cheltenham BC National Top Club Team v Barnwood BC May 2010

County Ladies President Jeanette Scott hosts Presidents Day at Suffolk Square

Cheltenham BC ‘C’ team prior to their win v Stroud ‘B’ in a County League Division 4 match

Which group of Cheerleaders would you want supporting your team?

Coaching lesson

Three Counties Tour Party

The ‘Engine Room’ warming up for what was a match winning finale

……is the bowl still airborne or is it an optical illusion?

John & Chris Roach Matt Cuthbert and Nick Holliday win the County Fours Championship

Cheltenham BC retain the County Challenge Cup for the fourth successive year

Cheltenham BC retain the Festival Rose Bowl for the third successive year


Nick Holliday (Champion) & Mike Longley (Runner-Up)


Liz Law (Champion) & Jeanette Scott (Runner-Up)


Simon Skelton presents the Men and Ladies Championship Trophies to Nick Holliday & Liz Law

Other Trophy Winners

Autumn Maintenance Work

The County Challenge Cup returns to Cheltenham for the fourth successive year (left) along with the the Fours Trophy

CBC Christmas Party